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    • YUMMOJI Cocoa balls

      YUMMOJI Cocoa balls

      Cocoa Balls crispy cereal balls provide a joyful, light breakfast with a great chocolate taste that kids love. Benefits of 65% of cereals, palm oil FREE,…
    • YUMMOJI Frosted сorn flakes

      YUMMOJI Frosted сorn flakes

      Classic YUMMOJI crispy cornflakes, slightly sweet. They are usually served with warm or cold milk, kefir or yogurt, and they stay crispy for a long time. Discover…
    • YUMMOJI Fruity loops with marshmallow

      YUMMOJI Fruity loops with marshmallow

      Fruity loops with marshmallow are multigrain rings that combine 3 types of fruit flavors and soft mini marshmallows. Palm oil FREE YUMMOJI rings with strawberry,…
    • YUMMOJI Cereal balls Trio fortified with vitamins

      YUMMOJI Cereal balls “Trio” fortified with vitamins

      Colorful crispy balls are tender, crunchy, tasty and also fortified with vitamins A, D, E, C, riboflavin and folic acid. Yumminess with immune system support.
    • YUMMOJI Honey сorn flakes

      YUMMOJI Honey сorn flakes

      The combination of the natural sweet taste of honey and crunchy corn makes it possible to enjoy your breakfast even more with profit to your health.


    100% natural products

    We use only natural ingredients in our products

    100 natural ingredients

    100% natural ingredients

    65 of cereals

    65% of cereals

    Palm oil free

    Palm oil free

    No artificial colors or flavors

    No artificial colors or flavors

    YUMMOJI 2024

    YUMMOJI – quick ready breakfasts for the whole family YUMMOJI

    They prepare very quickly, help mothers in the morning and give everyone a good mood for the whole day!

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