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    Snacks: quick, tasty and satisfying treats for every taste

    However, few people know that snacks are not a new product that has emerged due to the dynamic rhythm of our lives. Americans have always loved snacks and continue to do so. They were the first to come up with different types of nutritious snacks - snacks…

    What are the benefits of high-oleic palm oil?

    Every year, Europe consumes about 1 million tons of high-oleic palm oil, which is used in the production of bakery products, confectionery, baby food, snacks, etc. Its main consumers are France, Germany and the United Kingdom, but the demand in Asian…

    Recipe: Crunchy cake with YUMMOJI chocolate balls

    Dessert with YUMMOJI cornflakes and natural yogurt is a real taste delight for every kid.

    Recipe: dessert with YUMMOJI cornflakes and natural yogurt

    A dessert with YUMMOJI cornflakes and natural yogurt is a genuine gustatory delight for every kid. This easy and quick recipe for a cake made of chocolate balls is ideal for the whole family. An easy-to-cook and delicious breakfast cereal dessert will…

    How ready-made cereal breakfasts came to be

    Corn flakes were created thanks to the Americans – brothers John and William Kellogg, who came up with the idea of making healthy and wholesome food from cereals back in 1885

    About the benefits of ready-made breakfasts for children and adults

    Since childhood, we hear from our parents that breakfast is one of the most important meals. Therefore, it should be as wholesome and balanced as possible

    Is sugar in ready-made breakfasts healthy?

    The ingredients that are included in the products that mothers choose for their children are a factor that is important. That's why YUMMOJI works to select the best natural ingredients that are good for the health of babies when manufacturing our products.

    Global trends in the choice of quick cereal breakfasts

    Taste still remains the most important factor when choosing quick breakfast cereals. However, every year a growing number of consumers care more about their health. According to the global statistics, 69% of them consume such products to improve their…


YUMMOJI – quick ready breakfasts for the whole family YUMMOJI

They prepare very quickly, help mothers in the morning and give everyone a good mood for the whole day!

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