Fruity Flavor

  • YUMMOJI Cherry pillows

    YUMMOJI Cherry pillows

    Cherry Pillows are delicious pillow-shaped flakes. Their crunch and burst of cocoa-cherry flavor is a perfectly delightful combination.
  • YUMMOJI Fruity loops with marshmallow

    YUMMOJI Fruity loops with marshmallow

    Fruity loops with marshmallow are multigrain rings that combine 3 types of fruit flavors and soft mini marshmallows. Palm oil FREE YUMMOJI rings with strawberry,…
  • YUMMOJI Cereal balls Trio fortified with vitamins

    YUMMOJI Cereal balls “Trio” fortified with vitamins

    Colorful crispy balls are tender, crunchy, tasty and also fortified with vitamins A, D, E, C, riboflavin and folic acid. Yumminess with immune system support.
  • YUMMOJI Сrispy sweetness with cacao and banana

    YUMMOJI Сrispy sweetness with cacao and banana

    Dive in the world of sweet impressions with the YUMMOJI dessert. Its soft, delicate banana filling combined with a crispy ball is your dream indulgence,…


YUMMOJI – quick ready breakfasts for the whole family YUMMOJI

They prepare very quickly, help mothers in the morning and give everyone a good mood for the whole day!

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