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2.1. Be it photos, articles, projects, animations and graphics, audio and video records, etc., all is copyrighted.
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3.1. Dobrodiya Foods LLC shall not bear any responsibility for any damages arising as a result of or in connection with the use of this Website. Dobrodiya Foods LLC disclaims any responsibility in case of difficulties in accessing its website or poor connection. Dobrodiya Foods LLC provides information displayed on the Website for informational purposes only.

3.2. Dobrodiya Foods LLC shall bear no responsibility for the content of products and/or services offered on websites that are linked to this Website by hyperlinks or other types of communication.

3.3. Dobrodiya Foods LLC shall not be liable to the user of this Website or any other persons for taking any actions, making any decisions or assuming any obligations by the user of this Website in relation to products under the YUMMOJI trademark, as well as regarding participation in promotions and other events, information about which was obtained by the user from this website. The exclusion of liability is consistent with the fact that users use this website at their own discretion and risk.

  1. About the law

4.1. Relations and any issues arising in connection with this Website shall be governed by the current legislation of Ukraine. The languages of this website are Ukrainian, English, French, German, Polish, Romanian.

4.2. Any disputes regarding this Website, as well as relations related to the information presented in this section of the Website, shall be considered and resolved exclusively in the courts of Ukraine.

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